photo: Roelof Wullink 2013
  Lynne Leegte (1965, Luton) makes installations, sculptures and photos, all possessing a certain tranquillity and timeless beauty. 

The works emerge from her habitat; timeless objects that have accompanied her for many years. They can be symbolic in her interpretation. Personal and yet anonymous because they are placed in a new context or transformed in a new appearance resulting as an installation, photo or sculpture.

Each work emerges from an idea and not from a technical boundary of an established medium. She is a sculptor in the widest sense of the word.

Alabaster is chosen frequently for her sculptures. This type of stone reacts very sensitively to light. Leegte handles this material so intensively that the fragile result of the material reflects the character of the subject.

Leegte casts her sculptural eye further in her photography. The textures and the spaciousness in her work are emphasised with soft floodlight and evoke associations with 17th century painters. Sometimes she uses filters to achieve a certain effect. Filters made from real materials like oil and voile are used and not filters due to digital manipulation. 

During the last years a number of installations have been realised in various historic locations; architectural and unique buildings each a story of their own. The task is to link the intervention as near as possible to the spiritual and physical character of the building. The work should not be too blatantly obvious. Leegte encompasses style, atmosphere, colour and history in her works whereby the theatrical stillness fits in the interior and causes confusion.


'The gloves' in progress 2016



Studio view of ‘The oils’ 2016




atelier lynne leegte

September 2012 working on the 'Handkerchief'



Studioview november 2009



Installing Consolation in De Beeldentuin LUMC in Leiden 2014
photo: John ter Marsch