2021   Welikeart

Welikeart is bringing out a new edition. It’s ‘Asparagus after Coorte’, a photographic image in an edition of 35 plus 3 AP.
For more information please contact Michiel Hogenboom or Carolien Smit at info@welikeart.nl



The magazine kM focusses on the technical side of the arts.
This edition is about ’stone’.
Anke Roder has written an appealing piece about my work (in Dutch).



A collaboration: Group show curated by Art Gallery O-68 and Francis Boeske Projects
11 till 23 December 2021

The exhibition has been PROLONGED!
Check the website for new dates and opening hours.

Art Gallery O-68 r
Oranjestraat 74, Velp NL


    Light Art festival

4 December 2021- 9 January 2022
‘Windows’ is going to be on show next to the Heilig Hart- Church in Knokke (B)


‘Windows’ installed in Knokke-Heist.
Photo: Lynse Blokland Light Art Collection
  PAN Amsterdam

14- 21 November
RAI Booth 23 JanKnegt Gallery
group show

    ‘Hellweg meets Niederlande’- 5. Nacht der Lichtkunst in Westfalen am 30.10.2021

opening Saturday October 30th through till December 19th
‘Fenster’ (sketch)
The artwork is placed parallel to the location of the fomer synagogue (the wall seen in the background).
The Lippstadt synagoge was destroyed during the pogrom in 1938.
Since then the building housed different purposes varying from storage space to bicycle repair shop.
The project ‘Heimat.Kunden’ from Dirk Raulf brought the synagogue back to the attention.
Finally in 2020 it was opened for public for the first time.


    The final show in Bergen, SchlessArt is closing the doors with a group exhibtion to celebrate the years in this special space.
The exhibition runs form October 2nd till October 31rst
Check the webstite for details www.schlessart.nl

    KunstRAI 8 - 12 september
JanKnegt gallery, groupshow with Roos Holleman amongst others.

    Kunstwerk Loods 6
Open studios
11 and 12 September

The last time! I’ve had this superb studio since 1988. Now’s the time to move on.

    Art Rotterdam
1-4 July

Welikeart hosting the alabaster asparagus and ‘Home’ in the background.

    Springvossen by Robert van Altena
Radio broadcast on AmsterdamFM

    Work in progress: 'Asparagus based on a painting by Adriaen Coorte' (1665- 1707).
This painting is one of my favorites and one to visit each time I go to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.
It has been on my mind so long to solidify this work in a sculpture. It’s finally happening.
On the right the asparagus cast in plaster, on the left some of them emerging in alabaster.

  A measure of time

The alabaster sculpture ‘After' was the last to complete for the duo show with Tim Ayres in February 2020.
It has been become the starting point for a new project with the working title ‘A measure of time’.
The installation will be a series of tables with cast away serviettes carved from alabaster, used and crumpled yet still with some stubborn folds here and there. One could associate these folds with the coordinates on a map, thus referring to a three dimensional model of a mountain range or polar landscape. These kind of plaster models were popular in the previous century and can still be found in museums in large vitrines. We see what the world used to look like with massive forests, meandering rivers and ice caps before human intervention.
The difference is immens, the environment has changed drastically. It’s been shaped. Like the serviettes.

This project has generously been supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.

    Hans Mulder, the curator of the Artis Library has written a beautiful book based on the collection of the library.
'De ontdekking van de natuur’ (only in Dutch still) can be ordered here:

I’m honoured a picture of the installation ‘The library’ is included.


2020   Circus Charms

Ensemble Seasession and the brothers Frank and René Groothof joined forces and present a combination of Russian music with texts by Daniil Charms. Sjeng Schupp provided the animations and I did the set and costume design. Due to Covid many shows were cancelled. New dates are being scheduled in 2021 and 2022. More information can be found on www.seasession.nl

The Dutch press gave us good reviews: De Theaterkrant, Het Parool and De Volkskrant.


  The Future is Female | Love Letters

A group show curated by Francis Boeske and Twan Janssen

Coda Museum Apeldoorn


The exhibition was prolonged to September 20th

Photography Gert Jan van Rooij 
    quietly, quietly
paintings and sculptures
duo show with Tim Ayres

Tim Ayres and I had the opportunity to show our works together.
This had been a wish for sometime and has finally materialized in gallery Roger Katwijk.
Tim’s showing works from a recent series “How the flying fish explained it” and I'm showing a selection of my alabaster sculptures.
After a very busy opening the exhibition sadly became a very quiet place dus to the corona virus.
Roger Katwijk has decided to prolong the show till April 25th.
One can visit the show only by appointment on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 13.00- 17.00


    Recent acquisitions 2018- 2019 for the collection, LUMC Leiden
16 January- 23 February
group show
opening January 16 at 16.30

2019    This year I have the honour to make an installation for the requiem concert by Cappella Amsterdam
on Sunday November 3rd in the Grote of Sint-Gudula church in Lochem.
More information on this concert 'Requiem voor…’ can be seen on their site

Reservation tickets: www.schouwburglochem.nl/voorstelling/cappella-amsterdam2019

‘A life’, sketch for the installation in the church
See Projects

    PAN Amsterdam
from November 24- December 1 Works from the 'Impression series'
will be featured at this art fair.


  The chambers, has recently been installed in the staff department of hart surgery in the
Leiden Academic hospital, LUMC.
Four large trompe l’oeils from floor to ceiling give the illusion of extended space.
The same technique has been used earlier in the waiting room of the diabetics department in the same hospital.

See The waiting room.

More photos will follow as soon as it’s allowed to work in the hospital again.

  Impression Langart

Detail of the installation ‘Impression' in the gallery.


  PAN Amsterdam
featuring Jaap Egmond, Lara de Moor and Lynne Leegte

18- 25 November 2018

LANGart booth 125

  KunstRAI Amsterdam
4-8 April 2018

99 Uitgevers/ Publishers
stand 73

gloves handschoenen

Glass, March 2nd 2018 15:07, photo, 35 x 30 cm

Studio view of the ‘Glass' versions, fifteen shots taken between 11:23 and 15:07.
Digital print/ etching cotton rag, 35 x 30 cm each
curated by Karin Bos

Participating artists: Karin Bos . Bas Jan Ader . Jasper de Beijer . Patrick Bergsma . DAT (Tammo Schuringa, Claudie de Cleen, Corinne Bonsma) . Elspeth Diederix . Simon Faithfull . Florian Göttke . Scarlett Hooft Graafland . Jean Bernard Koeman . Jeroen Kooijmans .  Lynne Leegte . Paul Nassenstein . Jochem op ten Noort . Michael Raedecker . Guido van der Werve . Henk Wildschut . Marjolijn de Wit . Erik Wuthrich

April 14 - June 24  2018

Kunstverein Springhornhof
Neuenkirchen (D)


2015, 128 x 90 cm, piezographic print on Hahnemühle paper

see Projects
  Water exhibition 
Groupshow together with Rona Lee, Ben Zamora, Ai Wei Wei, Peter Vink, Victor Engbers, HOH Architects a.o. 

November 30 - January 21 2018
The artworks are lit from 17.00 until 23.00. 

Model for ‘Windows’, my installation for the Amsterdam Light Festival 2017


solo exhibition Reuten galerie

December 2 - January 21  2018
Reuten Gallery

Prinsengracht 510
1017 KH Amsterdam
The Netherlands

+31 (0)20 620 75 37


Views on landscapes
Group show Reuten galerie
together with Lon Robbé, Bas Ketelaars, Frans van Lent

Opening Saturday October 21
October 22- November 26

2016, 39 x 66 cm
digital print on Hahnemühle paper/ aluminium, edition of 4

Farewell groupshow (with 36 artists!) at the Grunerie.
After many exhibitions, concerts and performances, it’s time for the door to close.

October 29 till November 26 by appointment only www.grunerie.nl

Opening Sunday October 29 from 16.00 til 18.00

We Like Art Read here

  The Low Countries - 2016, № 24

Untitled, 2015
piezografic print on Hahnemühle paper, 81 x 37,5 cm, ed. 3

A number of my works are featured in this edition of The Low Countries.

  A booklet with a selection of my work accompanied by a text by Lucette ter Borg.
The design is by Monica Schokkenbroek.
All made possible thanks to the financial support of the Tijl Fonds and Reuten galerie.
'Selected works Lynne Leegte' can be acquired at the gallery or you can contact me:

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