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The painting of this still life by seventeenth century painter Adriaen Coorte is one of my favorites and one to visit each time I go to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. It has been on my mind so long to solidify this work in a sculpture. Alabaster seemed to be the perfect type of stone to capture the light and in 2020 I started with the project. During the process the connection with the painting grew stronger and stronger. It resulted in a sculpted bundle of light tied up with a piece of string.

The sculpture was exhibited at Art Rotterdam 2021 by Welikeart. In December a new edition was launched. ‘Asparagus after Coorte’, a photographic image of 35 plus 3 AP.

Study after Adriaen Coorte – still life with asparagus 2021
alabaster 10 x 29 x 13 cm in combination with table and glass vitrine private collection

Asparagus after Coorte 2021
digital print on Hahnemühle paper 40 x 35,5 cm edition of 35 plus 3 AP