One can visit the website, I can’t show what my plans are yet, but I’ll be making a site specific work for this show in March 2023. 



Homo Symbioticus 

Writer Atte Jongstra explores the evolution of mankind and  illustrates his thoughts on this subject with works from the collection of the Rijksmusum Twenthe combined with work from contemporary artists. My Dancing shoes are involved.

Group show
25 September – 19 February 2023
Rijksmuseum Twenthe, Enschede

Tulpen NU
Group show with eight artists from different disciplines showing work based on tulips
17 December – 26 February 2023
Museum De Zwarte Tulp, Lisse

Museum MORE
The museum for modern realism in Gorssel is showing a selection of artworks through till 16 April 2023. ‘Cardigan’ is part of that show together with a work of my brother which makes this exhibition extra special.

©Museum MORE. Fotografie Eva Broekema

The residents
The Amsterdam University Library is undergoing a huge transformation. A former hospital is being converted into a modern library and study center. The Iconic staircase in the building has been renovated and I was asked to come up with a proposal for an artwork. This has resulted in The residents.
Books of alabaster are set in the wall of the staircase, referring to the collection, knowledge, the past and progress.

This fantastic assignment from the UvA is being supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.

Due to corona there have been setbacks in the building process. The planned opening of the whole complex is 2024.

I have always admired the paintings by the Dutch artist Adriaen Coorte (1665- 1707). One of my favorites is the one of the asparagus hanging in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. To me his masterly way of working with light seemed to match with the light sensitivity of alabaster. This resulted in the asparagus sculpture. Coorte has also made a series of paintings with shells, each unique one carefully placed on a stone surface. In his days shells were precious and unusual exotic objects, coming from overseas. They showed the wealth of the owner. Nowadays the situation has changed. Because of extinction one isn’t allowed to take shells out of their habitat. In a sad way they’ve become precious again.The shells I use as models are the ones I found when I was young and living in the tropics. Remaking them in alabaster, these shells are future fossils.

A landscape of used serviettes, referring to the plaster models of mountain ranges and glaciers. This is a work in progress which will consist of eight alabaster sculptures.

The vaseline sea
The vaseline sea, a series of photos of my sculpted water. Combining different disciplines, I’ve found a way to solidify this intriguing subject. An oil based product is used to portray the vulnerable sea.

Circus Charms
Final curtain for this show: Ensemble Seasession and the brothers Frank and René Groothof presented a combination of Russian music with texts by Daniil Charms. Sjeng Schupp provided the animations and I did the set and costume design. Due to Covid many shows were cancelled. Fortunately the tour resumed many months later. It was a pleasure to work together with this group of people and I’m pleased to say that I’ll be participating in the next production: ‘De zus van Frida Kahlo’ with Ensemble Seasession, Sjeng Schupp and Servaes Nelissen. The tour starts the end of March 2023.

Please consult the website www.seasession.nl 
The Dutch press gave us good reviews: De TheaterkrantHet Parool and De Volkskrant

In 2015 I did the setdesign for The Olieworstelaar with stand-up comedian Erik van Muiswinkel. He’s asked me again for the show ‘Mooien ligjes in de lugt’, as from February 2023.