Dove 2011
Tears 2011
Windowlight 2011
Tears 2011
Book 2011
<I>Dove</I> 2011
<I>Tears</I> 2011
<I>Windowlight<I> 2011
<I>Tears</I> 2011
<I>Book</I> 2011
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Capturing the moment shows different sculptures in the Grote of Sint-Gudula church in Lochem.
The largest intervention in the space is the captured light, the four prints on voile, true size copies of the church windows. They each measure around 7 x 1,95 meters.

There’s only one stained glass window. I chose to set a table with glassware filled to the brim with water. Once a day the sunlight would pass through the window and magical tones of pink and blue slowly crept over the table.

Using all levels in the church, the ceiling was virtually involved by Tears, two glasses on the altar with petrified drops.
A windswept book was placed on the pulpit and a sculpted dove lay between the pillars of the church.

Capturing the moment 2011 installation Grote- of Sint Gudula church Lochem