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My uncle was a geologist. When I was small he showed me black and white photos of his travels and the fossils he had found. On some of the photos one could see an unusual detail in the landscape. It would be a landrover or sometimes a hamer. That’s to get an idea of scale he told me. You’ve always got a hammer with you as a geologist.

I’ve used one of the church chairs as my tool to scale. A chair with it’s legs and back has human measurements and by placing them up high in the church the enormity of the space becomes within reach.

‘Et ascendit’ was an installation for ‘Requiem for…’ in the Grote of Saint Gudula church celebrating their second anniversary. The Mozart Requiem was performed by Cappella Amsterdam and Amsterdam Sinfonietta on All Souls Day 2014.

Seven chairs in cotton treated with glue, exact copies made of the original ones in the church.page3image317824

For a virtual tour you can use this link.