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The Lippstadt synagoge was destroyed during the pogrom in 1938. Since then the building housed different purposes varying from storage space to bicycle repair shop.
The project ‘Heimat.Kunden’ from Dirk Raulf brought the synagogue back to the attention. Finally in 2020 it was opened for public for the first time.

‘Fenster’ commemorates the former synagogue. The artwork is placed parallel to the location of the space (the wall seen in the background). Initially intended for the exhibition ‘Hellweg meets Niederlande’ – 5. Nacht der Lichtkunst in Westfalen, the artwork has been acquired by the city of Lippstadt and is now part of their permanent light art collection.

Fenster 2021 steel, LED light 180 x 110 x 10 cm Light art collection Lippstadt (D)