Stems I 2019 digital print on Hahnemühle paper 75 x 61 cm collection LUMC
<I>Stems I</I> 2019 digital print on Hahnemühle paper 75 x 61 cm collection LUMC
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Four large trompe l’oeils from floor to ceiling give the illusion of extended space.

Originally being closed up hallways, I chose to virtually brake down some walls and integrate extra rooms and the suggestion of a roof garden.
Always intrigued by the man standing in the doorway at the back in the famous painting Las Meninas by Velazquez, I wanted to include an open doorway revealing space behind.

This can be seen in the smallest print which in the end suggests the largest space.

Essential elements of the interior design of the hallway have been transposed to scale models which fit exactly on my studio table. The models have been photographed and these photos were enlarged to fit the walls in the hallway. The intervention seems plausible at first glance, until one notices the details. The cutting marks on the wooden table and imperfections like excess glue and pencil marks have grown in size.

The same technique has been used earlier in ‘The waiting room’ in 2018 of the diabetics department in the same hospital.

The chambers 2019 digital print on screen four different sized prints covering four walls in the staff department of hart surgery in the Leiden University Medical Center collection LUMC