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A large trompe l’oeil in Leiden University Medical Hospital.

I was commissioned to make an artwork for this specific waiting room in the hospital. The space was quite narrow, so I felt the need to enlarge it. 

Repeating some basic architectural elements like the window design of the hospital I made a small scale model on my studio table. The view of the fields is actually a classic theatrical solution to suggest immens depth. The trees and shrubs have been cut out and placed in front, the clouds are hanging up in the sky, the background is a few centimeters behind.

The whole model was photographed and enlarged to fit from floor to ceiling in the given space in the hospital.

The result is a waiting room with a view.

The same line of thought has been repeated in ‘The chambers’ a year later in the staff department of hart surgery in the same hospital.

The waiting room 2018 digital print on screen 257 x 410 cm collection LUMC